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Product Shot 1 The Pros:Extremely well designed workout routine. Comprehensive between the workouts and nutrition plan. Videos provide good motivation to keep going.

The Cons:Try to sell you a bit too much on other Beachbody products. Overemphasis on supplements. Big time commitment.

Power 90 Extreme (aka P90X) is a 90-day total fitness program created by Tony Horton that combines a physically demanding workout routine with a strict diet. The program is split up into three 30-day phases that are meant to cause "muscle confusion", each phase has a specific workout schedule and associated diet plan.

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A combination of videos and the Fitness Workbook act as the guide for following the workout plan, while the nutrition plan is a standalone booklet. Included in the box is the set of 13-DVDs, the Fitness Workbook and the Nutrition Guide. The exercises themselves can be done in the home or at a gym, with equipment requirements limited to: yoga mat, weights, chin-up bar, or resistance bands (instead of weights and chin-up bar).

P90X Workout Routine

Each of the three phases is split up into four weeks, the first three weeks are the demanding workouts with the fourth week being a recovery/rest week using different kind of exercises. Within each week there are 6 days of intense exercises with a rest or optional stretch day. The 6 days of exercises are split between 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio/stretching. The workout videos themselves have Tony Horton demonstrating the exercises with three other people. Each person is meant to represent the different kinds of intensity levels available with one person doing the easier versions of the exercises and another doing the more intense/extreme forms with two people in between.

P90X Exercise Videos

  1. Chest & Back
  2. Plyometrics
  3. Shoulders & Arms
  4. Yoga X
  5. Legs & Back
  6. Kenpo X
  7. X Stretch
  8. Core Synergistics
  9. Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
  10. Back & Biceps
  11. Cardio X
  12. Ab Rippper X

Each week orders the exercises differently to give your muscles time to recover while instituting the "muscle confusion" that Horton describes. Ab Ripper X is done 3 times a week coinciding with the resistance training days.

P90X Nutrition Plan

Alongside the workout routines, the nutrition plan is split up into three phases:

  • Fat Shredder
  • Energy Booster
  • Endurance Maximizer

Fat Shredder focuses on high protein and low carbs to offset the likely bad eating habits the exerciser was exhibiting prior to the program.

Energy Booster brings down the protein and dairy while increasing the carbs.

Endurance Maximizer continues the trend by bringing down the protein even more while continuing to increase the carbs.

There are two main ways the nutrition plan can be implemented

  1. Portion Method
  2. Meal Plan method

The Portion Method provides a guide on the number of portions that can be consumed per day, with a guide on what kind of foods map to different portions. For example, Phase 1 Level 2 states you can have 7 portions of protein a day, with 3 ounces of chicken breast equaling one portion.

The Mean Plan Method gives you a detailed calendar of meals giving you very specific food items to eat every single day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner are all listed out in great detail with recipes included in the book for most of the plates.

P90X Community

One of the other selling points that P90X markets is their large online community that's available for support and motivation. Most of the community is free, though there are some "premium" areas and forums limited to paying members. There is also a large contingent of P90X success stories that have posted their pictures and videos on various social networks, blogs, and YouTube.

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  • 4

    Extremely well designed workout routine

  • 4

    Comprehensive between the workouts and nutrition plan

  • 4

    Videos provide good motivation to keep going

  • 4

    If you follow the plan closely then you WILL get results

  • 4

    Workouts don't require a lot of equipment

  • 4

    Quite a few different workouts provide good variability and reduce boredom

  • 4

    Workout music on the video is catchy and useful for keeping time and beat

  • 2

    Videos do a great job on showing you proper form, and different techniques

  • 2

    Nutrition plan is well designed

  • 2

    Overall program has lots of options and customizability

  • 2

    Nutritional plan is detailed enough to answer most questions on what you should and shouldn't eat

  • 2

    Can be used in a more moderate fashion - occasional weekly workouts

  • 1

    Many different work outs, programs, instructions, tips, and intensities for different body types and goals

  • 4

    Try to sell you a bit too much on other Beachbody products

  • 4

    Overemphasis on supplements

  • 1

    Big time commitment

  • -4

    Tony Horton can get very annoying

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Omar: #your_shape_fitness_evolved alright, I just did another workout, this time I had my heart rate monitor on to see the accuracy of the game, and to also gauge just how good of a workout I'm actually getting.

15 minute program: Game says 75 calories. Heart rate monitor says 230.
Tai Chi program: Game says 7 calories. Heart rate monitor says 100.

So obviously either the game is dramatically undercounting the calories burned, or my heart rate monitor is overcounting. Considering my monitor is touching my chest and measuring my actual heart rate, I'm inclined to go with that.

So the two takeaways are that the game is really undercounting calories burned, and it's actually giving a really good workout! Looking at my heart rate it was consistently above the 80% range, and often in the 90%+

It's not as hardcore as something like #p90x or Insanity, but it's pretty damn good.

Overall my heart rate monitor for the 36 minutes I worked out says I burned 560 calories (I did the training program twice). Not bad at all. Nov 29, 10
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Omar: #p90x I want to clarify one of the Pros I listed. Specifically that the workouts are extremely well designed. I've only been doing the program for two-days now, so keep that in mind. My experience so far has been quite positive, the design of the workouts is one of the things that really stuck out to me. Specifically, each video is organized in a way that you really can do each exercise until you fail, and that won't compromise you from doing the next exercise well. They switch up the forms and motions in a way that you're able to start each exercise at 90% and have the exercise itself wear you out.

This intelligent design extends to the overall workout guide as well, as the order of videos is structured in a way that you can always DO the video despite being tired and sore from the day or two before. A lot of people say "Of course if you worked out one hour a day for 90 days straight you'll get ripped, so why get ripped off?" To that I say, good luck coming up with a suite and range of exercises that you can actually DO for one hour a day, every day AND continue to actually be worked by them.

I know when I tried doing my own exercises I'd either injure myself or stop seeing results or get bored.

I'm only 2 days in, so let's hope I have a great "after" picture in a few months. Jul 14, 09
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